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News > Public and critics praise the concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie

Public and critics praise the concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie

After his great success in 2019, Alessandro Crudele was again applauded last week for his four sold-out concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie and the star countertenor Valer Sabadus.
Once again, Alessandro reaffirms himself as a flexible interpreter and at home with extremely different kinds of repertoires.

The Thüringer Allgemeine in Eisenach, titled its review: “Delight for the ears of the historically-informed performance lovers” and pointed out Crudele’s artistry:

“Was it because of the hall? Was it because of the conductor? The orchestra that we well know sounded differently, as if it had jumped to a higher level.”

The Gothaer Allgemeine also underlined the success with the audience:

“Long cheers of applause for the soloist, the conductor and the Orchestra ended this Operngala, charming in all aspects.”

Thüringer Allgemeine
Gothaer Allgemeine

Posted on Thursday October 29, 2020

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Alessandro was born in Milan and currently lives in Berlin. He has a passion for literature, linguistics, cooking, meditation and dogs. He collects fine wines and modern paintings.

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