Public and critic praise the concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie

After his great success in 2019, Alessandro Crudele was again applauded last week for his four sold-out concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie and the star countertenor Valer Sabadus.
Once again, Alessandro reaffirms himself as a flexible interpreter and at home with extremely different kinds of repertoires.

The Thüringer Allgemeine in Eisenach, titled its review: “Delight for the ears of the historically-informed performance lovers” and pointed out Crudele’s artistry:

“Was it because of the hall? Was it because of the conductor? The orchestra that we well know sounded differently, as if it had jumped to a higher level.”

The Gothaer Allgemeine also underlined the success with the audience:

“Long cheers of applause for the soloist, the conductor and the Orchestra ended this Operngala, charming in all aspects.”

Thüringer Allgemeine
Gothaer Allgemeine

Last concert in Milan with Gerhard Oppitz and back to the Thüringen Philharmonie

This month Alessandro Crudele returns to Milan to conduct the Orchestra UniMi for his last concert of the season with the legendary pianist Gerhard Oppitz. The concert takes place on 17th October 2020 at the Sala Verdi of the Conservatory and it will be live video recorded.

The programme is inspired by German music: from Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5 “Emperor”, through the late-Romanticism of Brahms’ Haydn-Variations, to the contemporary music of the celebrated living composer Christian Jost, with his Ghost Song.
German pianist Gerhard Oppitz returns to Italy for the first time after several years.

After a few days, Alessandro Crudele will return to Germany to conduct the Thüringen Philharmonie: on 22nd October in Gotha and the next day in Eisenach. The programme of the Opera Gala, “von Barock bis Britten”, is dedicated to the music of castrati and features arias by Bach, Purcell, Händel, Porpora, Mozart, Fauré and Britten – performed by the star Countertenor Valer Barna-Sabadus – and it is punctuated by orchestral pieces by Cimarosa, Mozart and Fauré which will enrich the beautiful programme.

It is the second time that Crudele conducts the Thüringen Philharmonie, after the great success of his concerts in Thuringia in February 2019. In that occasion the local newspapers highly praised Crudele’s conducting:

… and this, all the more with this charismatic conductor on the podium! It was a truly astonishing interpretation – and yet without any trace of showmanship.
Dieter Albrecht, Thüringer Allgemeine, Gotha

With clear gestures of his left hand he showed the musicians what he wanted. This resulted in beautiful interpretations. […] Alessandro Crudele conjured up a beautiful Mozart with historic reminiscences.”
Gottfried Meyer, Thüringer Allgemeine, Eisenach

Alessandro conducts for the first time at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan

This month Alessandro Crudele returns to the podium of the Orchestra UniMi for MITO SettembreMusica Festival, which is dedicated this year to the theme of “spirits”. For the first time since its constant participation over the years, the Orchestra UniMi performs both in Milan and Turin, the two cities of the Festival. 

The concert in Milan takes place on Monday 14th September at 4:30 pm at the Teatro Dal Verme, where Alessandro Crudele and the Orchestra UniMi have never performed before. 
The next day the concert will be repeated at the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” in Turin, at 4 pm.

MITO SettembreMusica describes the programme of the concert in this way:

Composers have always had a passion for depicting the sky. It is where the spirit dwells, a dancefloor for the clouds, heaven. Here are three awesome interpretations.

Aaron Jay Kernis: Musica celestis
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano concerto in E-flat Major K. 449 – with soloist Davide Cabassi
Edward Elgar: Serenade for strings op. 20

LOVE Project’s final video worldwide launch

Finally, after a lot of selection and editing work, we are extremely happy to announce the worldwide launch of the LOVE Project 2020 video: a unique, extraordinary performance of the largest virtual orchestra in the world. The launch of the video will be on Saturday 8th August at 9 PM (CET) and it will be premiered on YouTube.

The goal of LOVE Project was to bring together, even if just virtually, 1,000 musicians from all over the world, each of whom would record their own part of Mozart’s The Magic Flute Overture. We have reached and passed it – in two months, over 1,170 musicians from 75 countries have signed up!

LOVE Project 2020 is a unique project that has reached the attention of the international press, partly due to the participation in the project of a large number of musicians from the best orchestras in the world: Berliner Philharmoniker, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Teatro alla Scala, London Symphony Orchestra, as well as all the major UK symphony orchestras and many others.

Back on the podium

After a long pause, due to the coronavirus emergency, Alessandro Crudele returns to Milan this month, for two concerts with the Orchestra UniMi.

The first one will take place on Thursday 16th, July and will be dedicated to the medical community. Since it is an only-invitation concert, it can be followed on streaming by the audience on the website of the University of Milan. The programme features Grieg’s Ases Tod (by the Peer Gynt Suite), Mahler’s Adagietto (from the Symphony No. 5), Puccini’s I crisantemi, Grieg’s Two Elegiac Melodies and Pachelbel’s Canon.
You can now watch the edited video of the concert here

On Tuesday 28th, July, the Orchestra UniMi and Alessandro Crudele will participate for the first time in the “Estate Sforzesca”, the great Milanese summer festival offering music, theatre and dance performances in the spectacular setting of the Sforza Castle. Alessandro will conduct two famous symphonies: the Symphony No. 3 in D major by Franz Schubert and – celebrating Beethoven’s 250th anniversary – his Symphony No. 1 in C major. Tickets for this concert are on sale on

German press and radio enthusiastically cover the launch of LOVE Project 2020

Alessandro Crudele is currently giving many interviews in Germany for the launch of LOVE Project 2020, which has been enthusiastically received.

On Monday 11th, he was interviewed by the radio station RBB Kultur. You can listen to the interview here.

Two media features have also just been published: the first one, on Thursday 14th, is a contribution on the radio station Br-Klassik (here).

The second one, on Friday 15th, is an in-depth interview with Alessandro Crudele by the well-known media personality Holger Wemhoff on the website for Klassik Daily.

In addition, a detailed story will be published in the newspaper “B.Z.” next week.
UPDATE: you can read below an extract of the article.

Italian press highly praise LOVE Project 2020

Last week, two of the main newspapers in Italy, “Corriere della Sera” and “Repubblica”, enthusiastically reported the launch of LOVE Project 2020, the world’s largest online orchestra.

In the next few days, the Italian music magazine “Amadeus” will also publish a story about it in its May-June monthly issue.

Moreover on Monday 11th at 4.10 PM (Berlin time), Alessandro Crudele will be “Gast des Tages” (Guest of the Day) on the German radio station RBB Kultur

Here below the two excerpts from “Corriere della Sera” and “Repubblica”:

An extract of the article by “Corriere della Sera”
An extract of the article by “Repubblica”

Read the full article here.

Alessandro conducts the world’s largest online orchestra!

Alessandro Crudele, together with his friends Lorenzo Ravazzani (Violist and Fencing Master) and Fabiano Stefanini (Sound Engineer), just launched LOVE Project 2020: Liquid Open Viral Ensemble, the world’s largest online orchestra!

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the world of live music is suffering a global shut down, and musicians can no longer play together. LOVE Project wants to gather 1,000 musicians from all over the world to create a unique online project. Everyone will record his own part of the Overture from W. A. Mozart’s Magic Flute, and the combination of every video will create an extraordinary performance.

Check out the Liquid Open Viral Ensemble on