Public and critic praise the concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie
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After his great success in 2019, Alessandro Crudele was again applauded last week for his four sold-out concerts with the Thüringen Philharmonie and the star countertenor Valer Sabadus.
Once again, Alessandro reaffirms himself as a flexible interpreter and at home with extremely different kinds of repertoires.

The Thüringer Allgemeine in Eisenach, titled its review: “Delight for the ears of the historically-informed performance lovers” and pointed out Crudele’s artistry:

“Was it because of the hall? Was it because of the conductor? The orchestra that we well know sounded differently, as if it had jumped to a higher level.”

The Gothaer Allgemeine also underlined the success with the audience:

“Long cheers of applause for the soloist, the conductor and the Orchestra ended this Operngala, charming in all aspects.”

Thüringer Allgemeine
Gothaer Allgemeine